Market Advisory Services

Our Background and Unique Perspective

Witten Advisors offers an unmatched blend of 30+ years’ experience in apartment cycles and market data and analysis. Working closely with top industry leaders for decades has given Witten a unique insider’s understanding of the business of apartment owners, developers, equity investors and lenders – involvement from investment committees to site visits to board presentations.

This breadth of experiences has been incorporated into the firm’s forecasting models that drive the fact-based, objective input that clients receive on an ongoing basis. This input helps to anticipate industry-wide trends that drive company strategy, as well as plan acquisition and development ventures for the right markets optimally timed for market success. Realistic expectations of future market performance drive informed asset management decisions as well.

Local market forecasts are updated every 90 days to reflect the latest realities unique to each metro. This disciplined approach provides consistent analyses across the nation’s major apartment markets and also the opportunity to discuss these dynamics with Witten Advisors experts – not just more data.

“The research, insight, and analysis that Witten provides has been instrumental in our company’s success over the years.”