Forecasting for
Informed Apartment Market Decisions

We help investors, developers, and lenders with their apartment market strategies.

market-smart advisory solutions

Market Ratings

Concise Forecast Reports, Access to the Quarterly All-Client Update, and Ad-Hoc Support

Market Strategy Advisor

Detailed Forecast Reports, Access to the Quarterly All-Client Update, Company-Specific Quarterly Call, and Ad-Hoc Support

Investment Analyst

Optional Add-On Service, Forecast Reports Focused on Capital Markets, and Extended Five-Year View on Fundamentals

Our Mission is Helping You Make Smarter Market Decisions

Witten Advisors provides thoughtful, fact-based insights regarding the forces shaping apartment market fundamentals, and the resulting outcomes of future market performance. This enables our clients to make informed, “market-smart” investment decisions regarding apartment acquisitions or development as well as hold/sell options with existing assets.

Our unique value is strategic rather than granular, forward-looking rather than current, and being a thoughtful, conversational resource rather than a data publisher. We serve as a “scout” for our clients, updating them each quarter on what lies ahead for the industry at large and for 43 unique local markets around the country.

“The research, insight, and analysis that Witten provides has been instrumental in our company’s success over the years.”